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Advisory Services, Ltd. provides the client with objective analyses and recommendations with respect to financial and investment opportunities, both business and personal. The recommendations are developed from a total perspective of the client's resources, objectives, and investment temperament.

For many, the firm's services provide the first opportunity to clearly think through and crystallize their financial and estate goals. The programs are designed to help the client make informed decisions in terms of the client's unique situation.

Advisory Services, Ltd. develops a financial, investment, and estate program tailored to the individual:


  1. Summarize the client's present resources - examining the economic mix and positioning of capital in relation to the client's personal and business goals.
  2. Coordinate the client's tax planning program - balancing the actions taken to reduce tax obligations to be consistent with sound business planning and investment principles.
  3. Analyze present business opportunities - understanding the client's business and assisting in making good business decisions...developing long range strategies to add value and accomplish the client's goals, whether to ready the business for sale at some future time or to own it forever for transfer to the next generation.
  4. Analyze the executive's compensation, retirement, and other benefit programs.


  1. Examine the present investment program - assessing current investments' risk and return balance, to determine if any refinement or restructuring is appropriate to bring them in line with the client's objectives.
  2. Develop specific recommendations for future capital allocation, as available for investment.
  3. Assist in assessing new investment opportunities that may arise, to determine if they fit into the individual's program.

Estate and Insurance

  1. Develop estate programs to accomplish the client's wealth distribution objectives while striving to minimize transfer taxes.
  2. Assess life insurance requirements - determining the right amount of insurance for the client's specific goals, of the appropriate type and cost, properly owned and coordinated with the overall estate plan.
  3. Protect against unforeseen contingencies - developing a plan for other insurance, such as disability, property and liability coverage.

The firm draws upon its broad financial backgrounds in the areas of accounting, taxation, insurance, securities, real estate, and investments to develop the client's coordinated program. Every aspect of the service is performed under the strictest professional rules of confidentiality.

Advisory Services, Ltd. represents the client's interests exclusively. The firm does not provide any legal or accounting services or broker any products on behalf of its advisory clients. The firm is compensated on a fee basis. Advisory Services, Ltd. is registered as an investment advisor with the Georgia Secretary of State, Division of Securities and Business Regulation.

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