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The Process

The initial program for a client is developed through a series of conferences, as well as analyses of certain financial data. The procedure involves:

  1. Analysis of the client's objectives and resources - The initial working session with a client involves a systematic assessment, including identification and establishment of financial and estate objectives; review and analysis of the client's present resources (cash flow and capital); and determination of financial and investment temperament.

  2. Development of alternative programs - Using the information gathered from the client and various financial documents, individually tailored analyses are developed to illustrate how the client might better structure his or her business and personal resources to attain the client's objectives.

  3. Oral presentation and written documentation of the recommendations - Alternative financial strategies and their probable consequences are presented, along with the firm's recommendation as to specific actions. The client's entire program is documented in a written summary report.

  4. Implementation: time frames and responsibilities - Each action selected by the client is assigned implementation responsibility and a time frame for completion. The value of the financial advisory services is realized from implementation. The firm prides itself in its ability to help the client implement his or her financial plan...working with the client's other professionals in completing this most important aspect of the program.

  5. Ongoing services - The service is continual. The firm recommends that the client's financial plan be updated at least annually and is always available to help the client with business or personal financial, investment, and estate issues as they arise.

  6. Update sessions provide the opportunity to: assess where the client stands in accomplishing the stated financial objectives and capital accumulation goals; review investment performance and allocation; monitor the implementation status of prior recommendations; and develop new strategies to address opportunities that arise.
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