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Welcome to Advisory Services, Ltd.

Established in 1974, Advisory Services, Ltd. is an Atlanta based financial advisory firm providing its clients unique assistance in the coordination of their investment and financial programs. The firm draws upon broad financial backgrounds in the areas of accounting, taxation, insurance, securities, real estate, and investments to develop the client's coordinated program.

Most of the firm's clients are the owners of successful, privately held businesses, executive officers of larger companies, or individuals who have accumulated significant wealth. Whether in the process of accumulating capital or having already accumulated capital, the clients seek counsel in evaluating alternative financial, investment, and wealth transfer opportunities.

Typically, an individual becomes a client of Advisory Services, Ltd. because his or her primary concerns are elsewhere...earning a livelihood, building and managing a business, or working on behalf of civic and charitable causes. Often, this successful individual has neither the time nor the inclination to become involved in fields unrelated to his or her primary endeavors. The individual's position and opportunities warrant having a personal and business financial advisor.

The firm's services include a review and analysis of a client's financial objectives, economic resources, and investment temperament. The firm assists the client in identifying goals, analyzing opportunities, and designing new financial programs to assist in achieving the defined objectives. The programs are designed to help the client make informed decisions in terms of the client's unique situation.

Advisory Services, Ltd. represents the client's interests exclusively. The firm does not provide any legal or accounting services or broker any products on behalf of its advisory clients. The firm is compensated on a fee basis.

An introductory meeting provides the prospective client with an opportunity to meet the firm's personnel, learn more about the nature of the firm's services, and discuss his or her own unique situation. There is no cost or obligation for this initial meeting. Click here to make an appointment.

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